For those who take MRT

Great deal for those who take MRT train to work every morning!

Sign up for insinc and get rewarded for taking trains every Monday to Friday!

Sign up here at:

Points are given based on the distance of your trips from Monday to Friday. More points are given for decongesting trips in the morning which are between 630am to 730am and 830am to 930am.
Points given to you can be converted to cash directly. 1000 points = S$1
Or the points can be used to spin to win more cash (S$1 to S$200) or additional points. It’s like a snake and ladder game.
Points will be given regardless of time of travel as long as between Monday to Friday, exclude public holiday.
However, more points are given for decongesting trips as to encourage you to travel during the decongesting timing.

I have won S$49 so far. Average winnings per month is at least S$2-3. This is extra money as I simply have to take train, which I will have to take train to work.

So click on the link above and join soon!


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A mother of 2 who loves travel, food, shopping, face mask and Sale!
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