Foxy Sales: 3 days free delivery

Wish you a prosperous and happy New Year of the horse! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Enjoy a 3-day free delivery when you shop at Foxysales this week-end!

Click here to join to view for deals!

Foxysales is an Online Shopping platform dedicated to Moms, Babies and Kids.

Targeted to busy moms, FOXYSALES
is the flash sales website of choice for any woman juggling career, family and child in South East Asia.

Foxysales brings you daily flash sales that can go as far as up to 80% off regular retail prices. On Foxysales, you will find the following products on a regular basis: Kidswear, kids & baby shoes, baby care products, maternity & nursing products, baby toys, educational toys, books and many more, all from qualitative and reknown brands.

Sale items are available exclusively to their members, who sign-up for free.

Click here to join to view for deals!

The sales last for 7 days and stocks are only available in limited quantities. Once a sale is over, they order the products from their suppliers, receive the goods, do their quality check, pack your orders and ship them to you as fast as they can.


About Rei

A mother of 2 who loves travel, food, shopping, face mask and Sale!
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