Family Pic

We don’t normally get to take family pic. Reason being either my hubby or I have to hold the camera.

Most of the time, I will be the one taking photos of the 3 of them.

I tried selfie too but I don’t get a chance to take with my 2 children. It’s not easy asking my 28 months old girl, Alyssa taking pic with me and trying to squeeze in her baby brother, Asher into the photo too.

Most of the time, I still managed to take selfie with Alyssa. Alyssa loves taking photo but she has mood swing. I guess mothers will know what I mean.

It is hard to get someone to take our family photo. Unless we are at home, we can get our family members to take. But it’s usually at night and at least one of the children will be asleep.

Taking a family pic is not easy too. Getting a 3 months old baby to look into the camera is difficult and getting a 28 months old child to focus on the camera is no fun. Either one of them will just look elsewhere while both me and my hubby are smiling continuously at the camera.

We tried taking a selfie today and we managed to squeeze in 4 of us. I told my hubby that my FB news feed are full of family pics but we didn’t have one. And it’s amazing that all of us looked into the camera. Ok ok. We took a few photos and only one is ok.

Although Alyssa is not having the widest smile but putting her fingers into her mouth, this is the best picture that we got.

Here it it…



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