Woody Allen: Child Abuse?

Read The Straits Time article here.

I do not know if this is true. But if it really is, Why would a man do this to a child when he has many beautiful women surrounding him?

A child is a child and should enjoy his or her childhood. A child is innocent. His or her childhood should be pure and innocent. At the child’s age, it should be learning and fun. Why should it be stained with such horrible stuff?

I have been reading many news articles recently on pedophiles. Some are celebrities. News reporting teachers got caught for molesting students etc.

In Singapore, suspected child (physical, sexual and emotional) abuse cases reported in 2012 rose 40%. Read it in CNA.

Either there is a rise in pedophiles or there is an increased awareness in pedophiles.

I cannot understand why. Many of them are professionals. Why do they abuse the children? What if it is their child?

However, there were indeed cases where fathers sexually abused or raped their own daughters. I never understand why. Perhaps I am a mother. But I am a parent. As a parent (not only as a mother), you want the best for your children. You want to protect your children from all harm.

Read about a Malaysian man who rapes his own daughter here.

Why? Why? Why? I never could understand. These fathers hurt their daughters, be it own or adopted, and it’s unforgivable.

I feel that the career of Woody Allen and the abusive allegation case is two things. Woody Allen is talented and the awards are to recognized his talents. If he really abused his adopted daughter, he should be punished, but that shouldn’t stop him from getting his awards.

Maybe I’m wrong. I do think that he is unforgivable if he abused his child. I just feel that the awards given to him are for his talents.

But back to the topic of child sexual abuse, this is definitely intolerable. Nowadays, not only girls are being abused, even boys and babies are being abused too. The abused child will be scarred by these memories forever in his or her life.

The increased in the rate of pedophile may be related to technology. Technology allows one to access pornographic photos of children more easily. This may results in higher desires in the pedophiles to fulfill their fantasies. Hence, the crime rate increases.

Read about the Horror in Philippine online child sex abuse village

A lot of times, it’s the boyfriend of the mother who abused the child. I do not know if the mother knew. For this case, the mother split up with the boyfriend after knowing. Would you want to stay on with a man who sexually abused a child? However, I read about cases where the mothers closed an eye as they were worried that they lose the man. These mothers are also unforgivable.

Read here about Ian Watkins’ case, where he sexually abused babies, which the mothers allowed.

What is Child Abuse?
Child abuse is defined as any act of omission or commission by a parent or guardian which would endanger or impair the child’s physical or emotional well- being, or that is judged by a mixture of community values and professionals to be inappropriate. There are 4 main types of abuse:
1) Physical Abuse
2) Sexual Abuse
3) Neglect
4) Emotional/ Psychological Abuse

Read about protecting children in Singapore here

Learn Warning Signs of Possible Child Sexual Abuse

Children are born to be loved, cared and protected by their parents. Please don’t let your children be abused by anyone, not even yourself.


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