Asher loves bebear carrier!

Look at how Asher is resting on my chest!
He loves hugging me! And now he’s totally at ease resting on my chest while he’s comfortably in the bebear carrier!

And I’m handsfree when Asher is placed in the carrier. We can even take a selfie!
Look! Asher knows selfie too!

And daddy A joins in the fun!

And I secretly took another photo of us!

Oh! I love this bebear baby carrier.

It’s soft and cosy. Asher loves to be carried and now I can carry him around while I’m handsfree. And my hands and back are not aching.

Here’s a family pic!.

The photos were taken when we went CNY visiting. I can just sit on the sofa without taking off the carrier. Asher didn’t even make any noise. Guess he is too comfortable in it.

The bebear baby carrier is also very easy to be put on. I have no problem carrying Asher and place him into the carrier. I also have no issue taking him out.

Here is how the carrier looks like.
It has wide padded shoulder straps for ultimate comfort and back strap adjuster. It also has an adjustable lumbar support.



It is easy to put on with just a slide and a click!

The final step to secure the baby hands below it, is so easy to put.
Just press on it and put in.

And voila!

I’m going to try bringing Asher out more often since I have this bebear baby carrier!


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