People who didn’t give up their seats.

I watched the video taken by FB user Jin Shen when 2 women didn’t bother to give up their seats for his pregnant wife, Janice Oquino Neo.

The video went viral in less than a day and had more than 1000 shares.

Many said that the person taking the video is as guilty as the 2 women who didn’t give up their seats. I initially thought so too.

However, later I realised that the one taking video is the woman’s husband and I guess I know why.

When I was pregnant with Asher last year, there were kind people who gave up their seats for me but there were also many who refused to give up their seats or pretended to be reading, looking at their mobile phones or (most of the time) sleeping.

I always thought I would have the courage to ask people to give up their reserved seats for me when my bump is obvious or when I am in my third trimester.

But no. Maybe I’m not courageous or I feel Pai Seh. Or rather, I hope people will just take the initiative to give up their seat for a heavily pregnant me.

I remember those kind souls.
There was an old man who purposely walked to the other side of the door and asked a young lady to give up her seat for me and told me he’s a Christian.
The Paya Lebar SMRT staff who walked into a packed train to ask the reserved seat passenger to give up the seat for me and alighted at the next station to go back to Paya Lebar station.
The old uncle in the bus who told me he was alighting at the next stop but I only realised it was actually a few stops after I took his seat.
The SBS transit lady bus driver who refused to drive away when she saw me standing without a seat, asked a foreign worker to give up his seat for me.
The tourist who asked her young girl to give up her reserved seat in the pack train while all others are “sleeping”.
The man who blocked the empty seat for me when he saw another man rushing to sit on it.

I really appreciate them and others who I had not mentioned.

I also remember those who were not too kind at that time.
The very plump man, who sat at the 2nd reserved seat, looked at me, then at the 1st reserved seat passenger who didn’t see me and immediately fell asleep.
The Filipino lady, who was looking at her iPad, off her iPad, looked at me and was engrossed in her phone after that.
The China lady who rushed to the reserved seat when an Indian lady with her young son stood up. The Indian husband already asked me to walk over in the very packed train to take that seat when he saw me standing there with my big bump. And that China lady went on talking on her phone while I stood in front of her.
A middle aged lady who was busy reading her newspapers only gave up her seat when others asked her to as the train suddenly came to a halt and everyone almost fell.
A young lady about 20 years old, busy with her iPad, sitting on the reserved seat totally ignored me and I managed to get a seat next to her when someone alighted. I looked at her till she was uncomfortable and shifted to a non reserved seat later at Raffles Place.
The China workers and the China young ladies, who were sitting on the reserved seats, ignored me in the bus.
A lady aged maybe 60 on the reserved seat pretended not to see me as everyone around her was “sleeping”. Well, I’m ok with her cos she’s not very young and may need the seat as she may have aching knees.
And the many who immediately shut off their eyes and turned on sleep mode when they saw me in the train.

I gave these people the benefit of doubt. Maybe they are really too tired and fall asleep but can automatically wake up once they reach their stations. Maybe they have aching pains that they need to be seated. Maybe they are too heavy that they can’t balance well and need to be seated.

I was pregnant twice, so I knew how difficult it is to stand in the packed trains and buses. You need to carry your stuff, carry a big bump and balance yourself.

Maybe those who didn’t give up their seats were never pregnant before. Or maybe no one gave up their seat for her when she was pregnant. So she doesn’t bother to give up now.

Sometimes, I appreciated when old uncles gave up their seats for me. They didn’t go through pregnancy but maybe they understood from their wives, sisters or daughters.

I’m ok if passengers not on reserved seats are not giving up their seats as they could argued that they pay the same fare as me. But for those who are sitting on the reserved seats, maybe they should be more aware of the surroundings and be more kind to give up their seats since there is a reminder on the seat to ask them to do so?

Look at what the FB user, Janice, commented on her experience in the video.

The 2 women actually ignored her. I feel how she feels. I have been through it numerous times when I was pregnant with Asher last year.

My bump was already very big when I was 6-7 months pregnant. I’m sure everyone can see that I was pregnant. But many of them who were sitting down just ignored me. Those who were standing just looked around and were helpless although some offered their assistance. A few even fought the seat with me when someone alighted.

Singapore has started a Singapore Kindness Movement campaign.
The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) wants to encourage everyone to start, show and share kindness as Kindness is in everyone. SKM aspires to inspire graciousness one kind act at a time. By sparing a thought for the people around us, SKM hopes to create a gracious society, and make life better for you and me.


According to a survey, 94% say they give up their seats on MRT trains.

Read the TODAY online article here.

94%? Seriously? I personally do not believe this as I don’t think 9.4 out of the 10 people give up their seats for me. Well, I guess the 6% are the ones sitting while the rest are standing.

Image credit: TODAY online
It is one of the series posters that were found in MRT trains and stations.

The series posters are part of the “Make it Right for a Better Ride” programme, now in its fourth year, organised by LTA together with the Public Transport Council, SBS Transit and SMRT Ltd and the Singapore Kindness Movement.

Well, I do believe Kindness is in Everyone. Please show your kindness!
Make it right for a better ride!
I’m sure goodness will befall on you when you do good!


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