White As Milk

White as milk
White As Milk offers a monthly recurring service to eliminate the hassle of going to the store.

White As Milk (WAM) wants to offer the lowest prices to its subscription customers and free delivery.

Since customers get a monthly delivery, why not shopping for other baby products?

WAM offers a variety of baby items from diapers, formula milk, baby food to feeding, bath and baby clothes. They also offer gifts.

White as milk offers free delivery for purchases above $80. If you subscribe to the items on a monthly basis, the items are sold at a lower price and it will be delivered to your doorstep for free.
White as milk
White As Milk will give little surprises to their clients. You may find discount coupons or little items along with your purchase.

I love WAM website as it is in cute cartoons. WAM Daddy is also friendly and quick in his replies.

Once, they have a giveaway for PetPet diapers samples. I joined as a member for free and dropped a message at their website. The diapers were sent to me within a week.

I received 2 newborn size and 2 small size PetPet diapers. WAM also sent me a special discount voucher which offers more than 30% discount to buy the diapers in carton. If you do not want to buy in carton, no problem. WAM also sent me another voucher to buy 2 packs of PetPet newborn or small or a combination at $2 off plus Free delivery.

Free delivery for 2 packs of diapers? This is good service! And they give me a choice to buy the diapers in bulk or minimal packs after I tried the samples on my baby.

Click Here to join White As Milk as a member for free to enjoy their promotions and giveaways!
White as milk

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  1. WAM dad says:

    Thank you Mummy Rey for your post 😉


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