CNY dinner of the Yeo Clan Association

My dad is a member of Kheng Zai Yeo Clan Association. It is an association for Hainan Chinese under the surname of Yang.

Hainanese is a Chinese dialect spoken in Hainan Island of China. The people of Hainan, known as Hainanese or Hainan people, originate from Hainan Island, the southernmost and smallest Chinese province.

I am, of cos, a Hainanese. However, I do not know how to speak or understand the dialect. To me, it’s a complicated language since young.

My father is a pure Hainanese. His parents are native Hainan people. So is he. He came to a Singapore when he was a child.

Sad to say, my father is the only one in my family who speaks Hainanese. He communicates this dialect with people from Kheng Zai Yeo Clan Association. In Hainanese, the surname Yang in Chinese, is pronounced as Yeo. The association is comprised of people who are Hainanese with surname Yeo.

The association has a yearly gathering dinner in Qian Xi group restaurants during every Chinese New Year on a Saturday. There will be Lo Hei and a 8 course dinner.

This year, the dinner was held at Fond Garden Restaurant, instead of the usual Qian Xi Restaurant at Paya Lebar. Although Fond Garden is under the group of Qian Xi, the food and service is not as good as Qian Xi.

We had Lo Hei for the first dish as usual last Saturday.

And we tossed and shouted “Huat ah”, which means Prosperous!

Normally my dad will get a table of 10 for our family and friends. Hence, we will toss the Yu Sheng with people I know.

I normally love the dessert at all Chinese dinner. The dessert is always served last. Normally, the yearly dinner dessert is the yam paste.

This year, it’s also Yam paste but it’s not that tasty when compared to previous year.

But we had fun! There were people singing karaoke and Alyssa was busy dancing. And we had Asher joining us this year.

So we had a selfie family pic!


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2 Responses to CNY dinner of the Yeo Clan Association

  1. Wendi Yang Ching Wen says:

    Hi Rei,

    I came across your post while google Kheng Zai Yeo Clan Association. I was at the CNY dinner too.
    That makes us both Hainanese ah-mai. πŸ˜‰


    • Rei says:

      Hi Wendi.
      Nice to know that you are also a Hainanese as they are not many in Singapore.
      My parents know you and your brother. πŸ˜€
      Your brother had left a message in my Facebook page. I went to check out the video of the CNY dinner on I showed it to my mum too.


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