Facial sheet masks

I love masks. Simply because I can just put on the masks at night before I sleep. Sheet masks are definitely for someone like me who doesn’t have the luxury of time to go for facials in salons.

I have a soft spot for those masks in attractive boxes. I can’t help buying them whenever I go to Watsons or Guardian pharmacy or Sasa.

I used to buy sheets masks from Biotherm, H2O, Laneign etc. Each mask can cost more than S$10. I started buying more sheet masks when I went to Seoul. Korea is a country that makes skincare so affordable. I bought lots of masks from The Face Shop in Seoul! They were so cheap.

Then I started buying house brand masks from Watsons in Singapore. Each piece is less than S$2! When I went to Taipei, I was crazy over My Beauty Diary. It’s only about S$1 per piece.

I tried many different brands of sheet masks. I’m someone who is willing to try out new masks that are new on shelves or are on sale. Or those with attractive packaging!

I passed by Guardian pharmacy yesterday and can’t help buying these masks!

My Beauty Diary: S$15.90 for 12 pcs
12 different types of masks for you to try!

My Beauty Diary: S$15.90 for 12 pcs
2013 Anniversary Set

I saw a new brand of mask on sale at only S$12.90 for 10 pcs. So I bought to try.

Sister Diary. It is also made in Taiwan.

I will try the masks and give reviews.

Check out soon to see my reviews on other masks that I have tried!


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A mother of 2 who loves travel, food, shopping, face mask and Sale!
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