Good foods for scalp and hair

Healthy food that are good for the hair.

1) Foods rich in protein
*beans, fish, milk, eggs, meat (with no fat) and more

Hair is coated by a protein called keratin, and keratin serves the function of regenerating and repairing the damaged hair tissues. When there is lack of protein in our diet, our body turns the hair in growth phase to resting phase, in order to reserve protein. Therefore, protein intake is required for maintenance of shiny and healthy hair.

2) Foods rich in vitamins (A, B, D)
*Liver, eels, egg yolks, green vegetables

Vitamins make your slim healthy and prevent dandruffs and hair loss.

3) Foods rich in minerals
*Vitamin E, seaweed, kelps (algae), vegetables and fruits

Abundance of iron, iodine and calcium, the nutrients in our hair, increases the metabolism in the scalp and aids in the health of scalp and hair. Especially iodine in algae promotes thyroid hormones to help hair growth.

4) Other healthy foods according to the conditions of the hair

Hair growth:
Milk, fish, egg yolks, fish roe, liver, spinach, yeast, tomatoes, soybeans, etc

Hair development:
Egg yolks, milk, spinach, yeast, peanuts


Prevents dandruffs:
Meat, liver, egg yolks, barley, brown rice, peanuts, yeast

Shine hair:
Algae such as kelp, seaweeds, milk, soybeans, cheese, spinach


Stay away from these foods!

Processed food: instant noodles, hamburgers, pizza, bread, etc

Sweets: coke, sugar, cakes, pastries, ice creams, etc

Fatty food: Foods with high contents of animal fat

Hot & spicy foods and salty foods


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