For Mums

There are a lot of online shopping sites for parents now. Children’s business are definitely an in thing now as parents are willing to spend on their children.

There’s a new website now. It’s called MUMS.

MUMS was co-founded by local Singaporean mum Jamie Yeo and father of two Tristan Lo. The site was born from the founders passion for their children, Jamie’s experiences as a working mum and wanting to find new ways to support all the mothers out there.

MUMS offers its members many new exciting ways to shop online. This includes a platform for mums to buy and sell their own products online for both new and pre-loved goods. MUMS is also committed to featuring products designed and produced lovingly by local and expat mums. Members can also enjoy weekly sales on great products and services plus a growing range of local and international brands.

Their goal is to keep their prices very competitive and feature a variety of products that are not so easy to find. They are committed to treating their members like family, as this is what they want as parents when they shop online.

Click here to register!

Get a free $10 credit and enroll in a lucky draw before 30 April 2014!


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A mother of 2 who loves travel, food, shopping, face mask and Sale!
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