Our Daily Bread: 主内一家

I’m stressed and lost. So decided to read our daily bread in Chinese version using the free app in my iPhone, hoping to get some guidance from God.

I was also hoping for some peace and quietness as my mind is still full of work and worries on clients’ requests. I just want to let go since I am already off work. Why am I so concerned about disappointing clients and worry over their requests and demands?

Hence, I decided to seek God’s guidance. And what I saw is all about family and love. To be God’s child.

I guess I really need to re-prioritize my life. Will my clients really care for me like how God and my family? I don’t think so.

16 April 2014
加拉太書3章26-29節, 4章1-7節

你們因信基督耶穌,都是上帝的兒子。 —加拉太書3章26節

莫里斯•格里芬(Maurice Griffin)在32歲時被高德柏太太收養,正式成為他們家中的一員。20年前,他曾經是高德柏家庭的寄養孩子,在他們家住了4年之久。儘管莫里斯現在已經獨立自主,但他和高德柏全家一直都渴望能夠辦理正式收養的手續。在手續生效後,他們一家重聚,莫里斯說:「這大概是我這輩子最快樂的時刻……很高興我終於回到家了。」




— Jennifer Benson Schuldt







Adapted from: Our Daily Bread


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