Mummy’s Diary 28 Apr 2014

I have been working late recently and came home finding my children asleep. I have also been sleeping on weekends as I am feeling lethargic. I didn’t get to spend time with my children but I realised my children like to spend time with me.
Asher is always very happy to see me when I am home. Alyssa wants me to play with her. When I look at my children, I feel very blessed.
Life is certainly full of ups and downs. There are definitely times when I am stressed, busy or unhappy. However, when I see my children, the smiles they gave me, the kisses my girl gives me and the way she calls me, I know I just have to carry on, no matter how tough or tired I am. They are my motivation.
I grumble. I complain. But I still fight on. I just need to vent out my frustrations but I always remember how blessed I am.
God gave me a job. He gave me a family. He gave me my wonderful children. And he gave me his son, who suffered much more than what I have gone through. I am definitely more blessed than others.
Although I worked late, but I’m better off than those with no job or those who do not have a proper shelter. I have 2 wonderful children waiting for me to be home everyday.
I have a friend who counts her blessings everyday in Facebook. She will list 3 different things a day that she is thankful of. And it made me think of mine.
I am thankful of
1) I have a job that I like
2) I have a family who loves me
3) I have 2 wonderful children

I noticed Alyssa that day that she took off her shoes when she reached home and placed them at the shoes rack. I knew she did it before. But when I saw her doing it twice that day, I felt so proud of her.
I know this is not a big thing. But mummies sometimes are just proud of the little things our children do.
They are little children. The little things that they do are big things in their little world.
Asher, on the other hand, is slow in his motor skills. He only started flipping over at 4 months. And he still doesn’t know how to sit at almost 6 months. But he made his milestone by crawling forward (or pulling himself forward) on last Sunday. I shall upload his video soon!
My children are my everything! So is my family. I feel very blessed to have my family. I feel very blessed to be my parents’ child.
My parents send me to MRT every working day. My mum will leave dishes for me everyday when I work late. She will stay up till I’m home to warm the dishes for me. (Although today is the only day that she didn’t as I reached home at 1am.) My mum will also ensure that I have breakfast every morning.
So I am also thankful for
4) having such wonderful parents
Indeed, I’m blessed. I need to count my blessings everyday.


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A mother of 2 who loves travel, food, shopping, face mask and Sale!
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