Mummy’s Diary 29 Apr 2014

Asher is 6 months old tomorrow. Time flies but my “5 months old” tummy is not reducing. I have seen some people in the train struggling if they should give up their reserved seat for me.
I am still breastfeeding him and not giving up yet. I still have the step 1 formula surprisingly unfinished. (It is not the first tin. We just expect him to finish this tin fast.) My breast milk did not increase in volume. It’s Asher who has not increased his milk intake.
We have 2 tins of step 2 formula ready for him. We will be introducing him cereal first.
I am glad that my work office is moving to Toa Payoh. I remember shopping in Fairprice Toa Payoh for fruits to prepare for Alyssa during her 6-12 months age. We going to start grocery shopping soon.
I’m on leave today to attend Alyssa’s school’s Parents Teachers Meeting. It’s good to find out more about what Alyssa is like in school. I was told that she is enthusiastic in participating in the activities. I guess she is as kaypo as me! Lol. We also decided to wean her off the milk bottle in order to improve on her speech. We were told that by chewing more on solid food could improve on her pronunciation. We hope to see her improvement soon.
Hubby and I brought Alyssa to USS in the afternoon. It is a weekday and there is definitely much less crowd compared to Good Friday. Hence, we get the chance to try out the rides while one of us take care of Alyssa. Well, Alyssa is too short for those rides. I finally had the chance to try canopy flyer, revenge of the mummy and transformers 4D ride. We do not need to queue for long as we went in as single rider. I didn’t get a chance to try these rides as I was pregnant with Alyssa when I first went to USS. The last few times I went to USS, I was always with Alyssa. I had fun. Hubby also tried out Shrek 4D on his own while I brought Alyssa for the magic potion spin.
The magic potion spin is a mini Ferris wheel and Alyssa enjoys the ride a lot. Guess the ride is for little girls. I knew Alyssa knows the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but she always didn’t sing the full song. While we were in the ride, Alyssa sang the whole song for me. This is another proud mummy’s moment!
Alyssa wanted to ride the Elmo’s spaghetti space adventure. However, USS adjusted the entrance height recently and she was not tall enough to ride. She was so upset. Lucky that she was just tall enough to go in for the mini roller coaster at far far away land. (Maybe she tiptoed a little to get it through.) I screamed my way throughout the ride but Alyssa was not afraid at all and she was sitting in the first row of the roller coaster. Brave little girl!
Hubby bought cotton candy for Alyssa to try. It costs S$7! But Alyssa was scared of the cotton candy and dared not go near it at all! We also don’t know why.
I saw some baby photos of Alyssa in my Instagram and I asked Alyssa who the babies were. She said it’s Didi. Asher resembles Alyssa. Maybe that’s why the Chinese teacher said Alyssa looks like my hubby. I thought Alyssa looks like me while Asher looks like my hubby. Alyssa looks so much like me when I was at her age. But that was between her 12-24 months of age. Before that, she looked like my hubby. And I think after the age of 2 years old, she started to look like my hubby again. I think she started to look like me since 1 year old as that was the time when I started spending more time with her. Maybe now, I spent less time with her again. Hmm…
I think babies are so cute! I hope my children don’t grow up so fast! I also hope my tummy will reduce! Haha!
Ok! Everyone shall have a good night! I will continue to share more about my amazing motherhood journey.

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