Mother’s Day Celebration in School

I took a morning leave to attend the Mother’s Day celebration in Alyssa’s school. Although I am busy at work, it’s not right not to attend the event as Alyssa may feel left out in the activity as it is a celebration for the children’s mothers. How can I as a mother not attending the event?
I am glad I attended. There were many mothers who attended the event. Alyssa was initially sitting next to her teacher in a circle. After seeing all the other children running to their mothers, she slowly walked to my side too. She is a good girl. I told her to join in the fun while I sat at the chair at the back. She listened to my instructions while other children were clinging to their mothers.
I guess Alyssa is an independent child like her parents.
I saw her singing to the song and doing the actions. I’m proud of my little girl although I know it’s extremely normal for children of her age to know all these.
Alyssa is a shy girl although she can be talkative once she is warmed up. Or maybe, she always act shy nowadays!
We took a photo before the event started.
And she’s the first to join in when the activity began.
The school asked the children to make cupcakes for their mothers. This is what Alyssa made for me!
I am grateful for today!


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