Mummy’s Diary 5 May 2014

I was cursing the driver who horned at me this morning while I was waiting for the parking lot when I saw a couple entering a car at level 3. I had no choice but to drive up to level 5. I was almost out of breath after I climbed up the 5 flights of stairs to my car. But I thanked God for this after I saw the summon auntie at level 3. It was 11pm. My park and ride ticket was up till 9pm.
I guess God was answering my prayer by moving to this new office. I prayed that I can go home earlier to see my children to bed. Now, I have to go back by 9pm not because my workload is reduced but because my park and ride ticket is up to 9pm. Any time that I delay driving off will risk me getting a parking fine.
I had been working late recently but I am glad I still get to see some of my children’s milestones.
I caught Asher doing push up last Friday and hubby took photos of him on Saturday.
Look at him!
Alyssa has been learning well in school too. She has been talking in sentences. She took her toy away from Asher on Sunday and said:”This is my toy!”. When my hubby was asking her to wear her Minnie shoes, Alyssa asked him,”How about that?” as she was pointing to another pair of shoes. She has talking in sentences that surprised me.
I should really make an effort to come home earlier to hug my children. I love them!


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