Review: BeautyBiotics Exfoliating Jelly

BeautyBiotics Exfoliating Jelly is a dermatologically formulated gentle exfoliating peel that helps unclog pores, remove impurities and dead skin to enhance your skin’s absorption of nutrients. It contains fruit derived AHA + BHA enzymes that gently exfoliates skin to restore clarity, brilliance and radiance.

Directions to use: Ensure that the face is completely dry. Dispense and apply exfoliating jelly onto the face and massage deeply in a circular motion until you see impurities and dead skin exfoliated. Wash face with water and pat dry. Use once to twice weekly.

I massaged the jelly on my face and the dead skin and impurities started to come off. After I washed off with water, I pat dry my face and I can feel that my skin is instantly smoother and softer. The pores were also unclogged and blackheads disappeared. My skin is slightly reddish after exfoliating. But after a while, it is ok.

The before and after photos are as follows:

It is easy to use and you can see instant result!

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You can buy this product at Watsons!

Thank you for this product!


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