Mummy’s Diary 29 Jun 2014

I brought Alyssa to the Young Parents Fiesta at 830pm today just before it closes at 9pm. Most of the stalls were closed. There were no more children’s activities. Even the July issue of YP was sold out.

I bought the 3 digital issues at $5 though I don’t really like to read online mag as it strains my eyes. I received a goody bag worth $50 of products. My main purpose of buying the mag is not for the goody bag, but for the photoshoot which Alyssa has the chance to be the YP child of the year 2014.

One photo is given free to us but I ended up buying the other 5 photographs at $20 which comes with a 90 mins outdoor photoshoot.

I also bought 4 packets of Pampers pants for Alyssa and got a $10 choice voucher and a Fisher Price toy for Asher. As it was closing, they also thrown in a Duracell bunny, an umbrella and an Oral B pouch for me. I asked for a balloon for Alyssa too cos I guess they would be poking them later. Before I left, I saw the Dora lunchbox and asked what I can buy in order to get that lunchbox. And they gave 1 to Alyssa for free!

I’m so glad I went down even for a short time. It is the time spending with Alyssa that made my money and time well spent. I just felt a little disappointed in not bringing her there in the afternoon to see Dora. However, she was happy that I brought her out and she got to eat the free children rice biscuits from the goody bag, got a yellow Pampers balloon and a Duracell bunny.

Most importantly, I promised to bring Alyssa out on weekends. I worked more than 12 hours a day and didn’t get to bond with Alyssa. She is always asleep when I reach home. I went to work on Saturday too after I brought her to a ballet class.

Here she is in the dancing tots class.

After her class, I went to office to work. I initially plan to bring her to a museum but I had to go in office to clear my work. Then I had to collect my prize which I won 2 tins of Friso Gold for Asher.

I was so tired after that and I slept till 830pm. So I tell myself that I must bring her out today. But she had her afternoon nap late and woke up late. I decided to bring her out since I promised her.

Alyssa loves going out. She will hold my hand to the door, said ByeBye to everyone else and wear her shoes. I love bringing her out too to bond with her. And she was happy today.

I’m glad that I made this decision even though it was considered late going out at 8pm. And I had to carry so many packets of pampers and the freebies plus goody bag.

Here’s another pic of her!


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