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Holiday makers’ dirtiest secrets

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NLB Jiggle, Read & Rhyme

I check out National Library Board (NLB) one day out of curiosity to see if they have any children’s program and was surprised to see many. However, many of the programs are for older children. I managed to find one … Continue reading

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‘Nurturing Your Child’s Intelligences’ Afternoon Tea Talk

I received an email last a Tuesday from Rise & Shine Expo with subject header “Over 3,000 parents have attended this talk, have you?”. Being an inquisitive person, I checked out this email. It is a talk on Saturday 19 … Continue reading

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Child Immunization Guide for Parents

Infants and children face many potential dangers from various infectious diseases in the first few years of their lives. Children who fall sick often miss out on learning opportunities and playtime and can affect their overall growth and development. One … Continue reading

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Be a Foster Family

I pick up this brochure at Sengkang Public Library. It caught my eye. I hope to share this to spread the word. Every Child Deserves a Home What is the Fostering Scheme? The Fostering Service of the Ministry of Social … Continue reading

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Spam blog comments

I hesitated to write this post but I saw some of the URL of the approved comments left in my blog look similar and started to wonder if the comments left are really genuine. I am unable to view the … Continue reading

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10 Signs you may have Iron Deficiency

Ever wondered why iron is so important to our body? It is an essential mineral and an important component of haemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body. So … Continue reading

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Review: The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Blueberry

I bought a lot of The Face Shop facial sheet masks last Christmas during the sale. I have yet to try any. I decided to try one of them after I saw a stack of them hiding in a corner … Continue reading

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The Secret to a Smarter Child

Every parent aims to provide her child with the best support for cognitive development. The following are some useful and practical pointers from the American Academy of Pediatrics to get you started. Time for a talk Take the time to … Continue reading

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