The Secret to a Smarter Child

Every parent aims to provide her child with the best support for cognitive development. The following are some useful and practical pointers from the American Academy of Pediatrics to get you started.

Time for a talk

Take the time to talk to your child while changing his diaper, and tell him about your plans for the day or just comment on whatever that comes to mind. He will be listening and learning.

Take a walk

It gives you plenty more interesting things to talk about and describe to your child.

Sing a song

Your child will not only cut you some slack if you happen to sing off key, but will instantly become your biggest fan.


Start by sticking your tongue out and you may be surprised to find that your child copies you. Move on to making some exaggerated facial expressions and repeating sounds your child makes, and before long you will find that he will imitate you as well!

Stay in touch

Massage can be a true bonding experience, whether you make it up as you go along or buy a book on the art of baby massage.

Read a book

Read aloud whatever you find to be the most interesting, since it will only be a matter of time before your child will expect to have a say in which book(s) you read!

Adapted from The Secret to a Smarter Baby. Last updated 24/01/2011. American Academy of Pediatrics

A smart child may be easily bored. Feed his hungry young mind by making storybooks available. Take frequent trips to the library, museums, concerts and travel if you can. And talk, talk, talk!

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