Spam blog comments

I hesitated to write this post but I saw some of the URL of the approved comments left in my blog look similar and started to wonder if the comments left are really genuine.

I am unable to view the comments under the spam folder using the wordpress app. Hence, I log in using safari to check out the comments under spam folder. There are 2 comments in the spam folder with similar URL and weird names.

I am a new blogger. I blog not for money, but for my own interest and to share my reviews and great stuff with others. It is also a journal for me to record down my experiences and thoughts as I started getting forgetful.

Of cos I am happy to have readers reading or following my blog, liking my post and leaving comments. I just hope my blog post can benefit others.

Hence, I do not understand why they are fictitious people leaving comments with weird URL. Are they trying to get my readers to visit their URL? Do these spam commenters read my blog?

See the below comment.

My blog was on the review of the collagen powder. I checked out the meaning of the word “fastidious”.

Hard to please? Well, hard to please the commenter? Did he read my post? Is he really a regular visitor with a name “Dumex China Bribery”?

Fellow bloggers, do you have comments with similar URL? Are they spam? What is their purpose?


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A mother of 2 who loves travel, food, shopping, face mask and Sale!
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