‘Nurturing Your Child’s Intelligences’ Afternoon Tea Talk

I received an email last a Tuesday from Rise & Shine Expo with subject header “Over 3,000 parents have attended this talk, have you?”.

Being an inquisitive person, I checked out this email. It is a talk on Saturday 19 July 2014 at Orchard Parade Hotel.
It’s not how intelligent your child is. It’s HOW your child is INTELLIGENT.

It is a talk where I could learn real hands-on experiences on how to nurture my child to his/her fullest potential.

Children between 2 to 7 years old are welcome to attend the talk together with us. They also get to meet & greet with mascot, take part in group activities and have fun while we parents learn!

The usual cost of the seminar is $40 per couple with a goody bag that suppose to cost $100. I have a 80% discount code and paid $4.28 for my hubby and myself to attend. I brought Alyssa along to the talk.

Alyssa had a Thomas & Friends activity book to get her busy while we listened to the talk.

There is a room for colouring activities next to the seminar room where you can leave your kid there with people looking after them, so you can listen to the talk attentively.


The talk is by Ms Polene Lam. She is an educator. Here is her profile.
Polene is a MOE-trained educator with over 16 years of experience in various schools, including top independent schools. Personable and inspiring, Polene was a past nominee of the national President Teachers’ Award, Singapore. She has been using the MI approach to support many children in their learning journey, and conducts talks for parents to help them bring out the best in their children. Currently, she runs an educational consultancy and several enrichment centres.

In addition to being a successful ‘edupreneur’, Polene also trains adult student care professionals for the national Workforce Development Agency (WDA) certification as an adjunct lecturer at the Boxhill Institute, Singapore.

Seminar Overview
The theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI), proposed by Professor Howard Gardner of Harvard University, provides a framework to understand your child’s intelligences and foster their holistic development.

This parenting talk will cover the following key areas:
-Understanding Multiple Intelligences
Identifying your children’s gifts based on Multiple Intelligences
-Nurturing your children using Multiple Intelligences
-Using your children’s Multiple Intelligences profile to enrich their learning experiences

Be prepared to sing, draw, build, reflect, talk, write, analyze, interact and connect with nature, while having fun learning about your children’s intelligences!

The speaker is an engaging one! And she gets her audience involved in her talk.

The talk is not too in depth but it explain different types of multiple intelligences for us to recognize them in our little ones, so that we can help them to achieve to their full potential.

At the end of the talk, all the children are gathered in the room which they can queue to take photo with the S-26 mascot which is The lion.

There was also free S-26 milk in small cups to be given out for tasting at the back of the seminar room. Alyssa had a cup but I forgot to try it as I was busy passing a cup to Alyssa and checking out the goody bags as I saw people packing in a corner of the room.

While we were queuing to take photo with the mascot, there were parents rushing to the corner of the room to snatch the goody bags. Some of them take 2 to 3 bags and left none for those at the bag. There was no one distributing the bags (or no one bother to get from the distributor and just snatch the goody bags). When we went over after taking the photo, there were none left on the floor. I went to the organizer to pass her my seminar feedback form and requested for a goody bag as we were told to exchange the feedback form for a goody bag. She has to search the side of the rooms to get a goody bag (which was not readily filled and seemed to be reserved) to pass it to me. I saw her trying to pack the items into the bag for me. I do not know if my goody bag is “complete” but it comes with a plastic bugs bunny mug, a packet of S-26 step 3 samples, a packet of S-26 step 4 samples and a $20 S-26 voucher to be used at the Rise & Shine expo. It is definitely not worth $100.

I overheard a parent complaining about how disorganized it was on giving out the goody bags which I totally agree. I had attended numerous talks, big and small, mostly organized by milk brands. I would say that S-26 needs improvement on it. But I guess they are not experienced in organizing talks.

However, I think it’s still worth the $4.28 for this talk as I learnt something.

There is another session this weekend.
Registration link: click here
Cost: $20 (usual)
Key REF60 to get 60% discount
Date: 26 July 2014
Time: 2.30pm – 3.30pm
Place: Orchard Parade Hotel

Please let me know if you have successfully sign up for this talk using the above referral code to get discount.
The first 20 successful referrals will receive a ticket to Port of Lost Wonder at Sentosa. I hope to bring Alyssa to Port of Lost Wonder.

I hope the talk will benefit you too!

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