Review: MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

I have been working long hours in the recent months and I can feel the ache on my shoulders and back and the tiredness in my overall body.

I just switched from normal contact lenses for short sightedness to one with astigmatism as I always can’t see clearly. However, after switching, I don’t feel it is really of a big difference due to the tiredness of my eyes. Stress, working long hours in front of the PC, sleeping late just add on to make it worse. Normal eye mask perhaps can help to improve the skin condition around the eyes but cannot help to reduce the tiredness.

Well, fret not!

MegRhythm, a well-known Wellness brand in Japan, whereby it offers a range of product to support the healthy and active lifestyles of city dwellers. The Steam Eye Mask is a big hit in both Japan and Hong Kong.

And, what’s that?
It is a patented self warming eye mask.

From the moment you put on the eye mask, it is gradually heated to a comfortable 40°C, with heat spreading to gently envelop your eyes. Steam produced from the heat moistens the skin area around the eye and relieves tired eyes.

I did a test by inverting my girl’s milk bottle cover to “catch” the steam.
Watch the video here!

Well, it actually took more than 2 minutes to see the steam in this video. I had to stop the recording and wait for the steam and record again when it appears.
However, when I placed the mask on my eyes, it took less than 1 minute to warm up.

It has 4 varieties with different scents.

I tried out the lavender one first as it will help in one’s sleep.
The smell is not very strong. The mask can easily be placed on the eyes by looping the sides on both ears. They just rest comfortably on both eyes.

The second time I tried was the fresh rose scent. And I love this smell!
My eyes feel the warmth very soon after I placed them on my eyes. I felt very comfortable and I can feel my eyes more relaxed. I also feel more relaxed and I fell asleep very soon with them on it!

I love the steam eye masks. I think it is incredible that they will heat up on their own. And they really soothe my eyes. Think I need to use one tonight as I’m feeling stress and tired again.

It should be used after your hectic day at work!

How to use:
1. Remove eye mask from pouch.
*Mask begins to warm up as soon as pouch is opened. Use immediately after opening.
2. Tear along perforation, then place ear straps around ears. Place white-coloured side of mask on eyes and notched edge facing down.
*Keep eyes closed during use.
3. Heat will last for approximately 10 mins.

Where to buy: Guardian and Watsons outlets
Price: S$6.50 for 1 pack with 5 pieces
Repurchase: Yes

Find out more on MegRhythm Steam Eye mask here!

Or you can request for free samples at here. Register for free here!

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