Review: Curél Sebum Care

I have sensitive skin and that makes me very careful with the products that I choose for myself. Not only that, I have oily combination skin. My skin surface is dry but at the end of the day (sometimes in mid of the day), my face is shiny as it is covered with oil.

I used to blot my face many times in a day during my younger days. As I age, I stop doing that and have been trying to find the right products to control the excess sebum. But my pores are getting more and bigger over these years.

Do you know that excess sebum can aggravate skin sensitivity? A lot of people who have both conditions – skin sensitivity and oily skin tend to place more emphasis on choosing products that help with their skin sensitivity. So was I.

Excess sebum generated will deteriorate as skin gets more alkaline, turning into irritants to cause flare-ups within the skin layers. Hence it is important to choose products that effectively control skin sensitivity while reducing sebum secretion from the source.

I was given the following products to try out.
1. Curél Sebum Care Foaming Wash $19.80/150ml
2. Curél Sebum Care Lotion $24.90/150ml
3. Curél Sebum Care Moisture Gel $34.90/120ml
Curél, Japan’s No. 1 brand for sensitive Asian skin, introduces a new skincare range specially formulated for sensitive and oily or combination skin types. The Curél Sebum Care range – comprising a Foaming Wash, Lotion and Moisture Gel – offers the skincare essentials to properly manage both skin sensitivity and sebum secretion.

1. Curél Sebum Care Foaming Wash
I love this a lot as it is already in foam when I press it out. It saves me time when I wash my face.
After washing, my face is not dry nor oily but smooth.

2. Curél Sebum Care Lotion
I don’t have a habit of applying lotion of my face directly with my hand. I pump it onto a cotton pad and wipe my face with it. It is not sticky and does not sting my face. In fact, I feel that it is like water moisturizing my face. I like this lotion which I use it like a toner.

3. Curél Sebum Care Moisture Gel
The instruction on the bottle stated 3-4 pumps but 2 pumps is already sufficient for my face. I like the gel texture. Non oily, non sticky and very smooth. Gel texture. Gives me a moisturizing feeling.
4 pumps of moisture gel

After 2 weeks of usage both day and night per day, I can feel my skin less oily and not dry too. The pores seem to be slightly less visible and smaller.

I am still using them now as I didn’t know skincare can be as easily as 3 steps a day. I have been using a lot of products for my previous skincare and even though they may helps in reducing my oil but they make my skin very dry.

Curél Sebum Care range helps to control my sebum yet my face feels moisturized and not dry. Most importantly, I am a lazy person and these 3 steps make things so much easier for me that I will use them for day and night without fail. I like the gel texture as it is like water to me, giving me the full moisture and it’s not oily or sticky. However, I feel that the moisture it gave may not be able to last throughout the whole day. Maybe it’s because I am only using 2 pumps of the gel.

Price: Affordable. As stated earlier.
Repurchase: Yes
Where to buy: Selected Guardian and Watsons Outlet

To find out more and redeem for sebum care samples at
Curel SG Facebook.

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