Precious Moments Event 2014

I’m an avid collector of Precious Moments figurines for more than 10 years. I got my first figurine when I was 18 as a present from my JC classmates. At that time, I thought the figurine was expensive and beautiful but useless and it took up space.

I got my second figurine on my 20th birthday and I am a collector since then. I was introduced into the Precious Moments Club around the same time.

I had been attending the Precious Moments Event for about 10 years. I only missed out 1 of them which was held at Chijmes as the ticket price was about S$200 (or cheaper but still expensive).

This year event poster.

The event ticket.

I normally made an effort to attend the event in order to get the event figurine plus getting the goody bag. This year goodies are a luggage and a lanyard. Well, the luggage is considered a big item but the goodies are much lesser than before.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this year event even though there was no refreshments provided, except Precious Moments bottled water which I took 2 bottles.

This year, the event was more special as I brought Alyssa there.

The first thing I did was to take a photo of her. I have to make sure the event was fun enough for my 3 years old or she would be bored when we need to queue to make payment etc later.

She loves the figurines at home. She was thrilled to see such a huge one.

And she love these and wanted me to buy but I didn’t buy them for her. Budget.

One of the highlights. I’m so tempted to buy this.
But no one is getting married. Budget.

And we had fun at the photobooth.

Plus, Alyssa always love mascots!
And she also high-fived one of them!

The signing.

Look at the crowd!
The queue.
The boxes of figurines.
The man from US.

This year lucky spin and lucky draw is at a minimum purchase of $300. My total purchase included a pre-event figurine is only $179. Budget. This is the only year that I didn’t get to spin. It is also because they have been increasing the purchase amount for the spin in the recent years. Hence, I did not even go to check out the lucky spin prizes. I’m disappointed as I always love the lucky spin prizes. I remember there were a few times I won figurines in the spins.

Daddy A came to join us for photos.

We enjoyed that few hours after all.

Photos printed for free at the photobooth.
Took this with Alyssa earlier.

And I conclude that Alyssa loves taking pictures, like her mummy.


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