CarouSell: Sell your reusable items!

I’m a strong believer in the 3Rs.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

When I am printing documents in office, I try to Reduce paper usage by printing on both sides and even printing 2 pages in 1 page. Save the trees!

And I’m a Recycling queen! I will throw a small piece of paper in the recycle bin or bring an empty bottle home just to throw in the recycled bin at home instead of in a rubbish bin outside. I believe every bit counts.

I also try to Reuse. Hence, my hubby was saying that I’m a garbage girl as I kept everything. I just feel that some things are too good to be thrown away. I also donate to Salvation Army but I know that they only want “brand new” stuff. Or things that are in very good condition.

I never thought of selling my stuff. Ok ok. I thought of it but it never materialize. I just donate to Salvation Army or pass on to someone else. I will also lend my things to others and get it back after they were done in order to make my things worth their price and usage life.

Finally came Carousell. It allows me to sell my things to others who will reuse them.

I am selling Alyssa’s and Asher’s shoes. Brand new ones that they never get a chance to wear them. Preloved ones that are still in good condition. I also blessed mummies with free vouchers that I got but won’t be using them.

And now I started selling my shoes as they are still in good condition to be thrown away but my feet just can’t fit in after I gave birth.

I mostly sell them at S$1. It’s definitely worth the price for those who do not mind wearing old shoes. I just can’t bear to throw them away and hope there are new owners who can take over them.

I used to have more shoes but I threw away quite a lot before carousell was launched. I know I’m crazy about shoes. That’s why my children also have a lot of shoes and they have outgrown them.

For those who are interested to buy my stuff as I am clearing space for my growing children, please visit:


About Rei

A mother of 2 who loves travel, food, shopping, face mask and Sale!
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