Building Blocks Competition

Rise & Shine organized a Building Blocks competition for parents with kiddos age 1-6 years old to celebrate Children’s Day together. By participating in this competition of building blocks with your family, the top 3 fastest builders walk away with attractive prizes worth $150!!

Registration fee was S$2.50 but I got it free as I am a PAssion card member. I was looking forward to it as Alyssa loves building blocks.

The event was held at City Square Mall, which is a family mall and I love this mall.

I asked daddy A to join with Alyssa as it is about the fastest builder contest. Both parent and child have to stand up after completing the blocks.

But they were not the fastest 3 and Alyssa was a little disappointed. She wanted to bring her completed blocks up the stage.

They didn’t win the prize but had a goody bag.

The goody bag comes with a Gain rock star guitarist bear (and Alyssa had a Gain graduation bear at home) which cheered Alyssa up.

She also took photos with the Gain bear mascot and got an orange balloon.

At the site, Similac Gain IQ were on sale but it was not cheap enough. Lol.

The goody bag also comes with 2 sachets of Gain Step 3, 2 sachets of Gain Step 4 and a toy, with a $5 discount voucher for Step 3 and Step 4. I don’t think I will be getting any, unless it is Pediasure.

But thanks to Similac GainIQ, Alyssa had a fun day!


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