Facebook Scam: Walt Disney World.

Have you heard of “Too good to be true”? Or “There is no free lunch in the world”?

Even if there is a lucky draw for a travel trip, you will have to pay for something first.

I am surprised that there are people who will still fall for such scam as below:

This post was created on Wednesday (8 October 2014). I spotted it 3 hours after it. I doubted it as it was too good to be true. Hence, I clicked on the page. It already has 1,414 likes in a short span of 3 hours.

“Walt Disney World.” comes with a dot at the end. Transport/freight???

I checked out the information. Huh??? No website and address?

And it was created or founded in 2014?

And in a short span of 3 days, at around the same timing, I checked out the page when I saw a friend sharing the post. It increased to 9,888 likes!!!

The information was also changed.

I decided to google it and found a similar scam on Walt Disney Cruise.
Facebook Scam: Win a Disney Cruise with $2,000 Spending Money
Isn’t this very similar?

As mentioned in the post:
“By tricking users into liking their bogus Facebook pages, the cybercrooks are actually increasing their values. Pages with a large number of likes can be worth a lot of money on the underground market since they can be repurposed for other shady activities.

If you’re a victim of this scam, remove the post you’ve shared on your timeline. If you’ve completed the survey and handed over some personal information, watch out for other scams, since it’s likely that you’ve ended up on the scammers’ list of potential victims.”

And there are only 3 photos in their page.
1) profile pic
2) cover photo
3) this photo

In just another 2 hours, they have more than 100 additional likes! They almost hit 10,000 likes! But I wouldn’t want to wait for it to hit in order to snap a pic of it.

They actually reposted the offer. If the offer is only valid for 48 hours, why do they still repost if after 48 hours?

I realised they actually shared the photo of another Facebook page as below. Telecommunication??? And everything else is the same.

I guess they will private message those who commented or shared the link to click on to the survey, where personal information is to be provided.

I’m sure you are IT savvy. If you come across such pages, do report them to Facebook.


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