Glitter Glam

I am an active user of Instagram since I started using iPhone in 2010. Many retail brands also started their official Instagram accounts and I love following them for their latest news. Of cos, I love the Instagram contests!

I joined the Glitter Glam Instagram contest about 3 weeks ago in order to win Alyssa an outfit.

And I won!

Mary Had A Little Lamb is the mini Glitter Glam.

I brought Alyssa to Glitter Glam, located at Harbourfront Centre level 2.

The prices of Mary Had A Little Lamb dresses ranged from S$39.90 to S$79.90. However, as there is currently a sale, you are able to get selected items from S$19.

My hubby and I selected a few dresses for Alyssa to try. These are the latest arrivals. And there are mummy’s versions too.

Alyssa loves this owl dress the most.

Alyssa had fun trying and posing.

We decided to ask Alyssa to sit down for different pose.

And she wanted to stand, on the stool.

I think this looks nice.

We finally had decided on this last piece that she tried. It is so pretty and I was so tempted to buy the mummy version.

The sizes ranged from 4-12, in even numbers. I was told that size 6 is for about 2-3 years old. Hence, you can let your child of about 1-2 years old to start wearing a matching dress with you!

Alyssa is always on the underweight side. She is only about 12kg now. She tried size 4 for the photo above and it was just nice. However, I decided to get a size 6 for her.

Well, Alyssa and I totally love the dresses there. Alyssa also love posing and taking photos. Maybe I should consider grooming her into a child model. LOL.

The dress that we had chosen.

Visit Glitter Glam website to shop.


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