First Family Outdoor Photo Shoot

I bought a $20 Superfun Firefly Photography voucher at Young Parents Event some time ago in July or August when I enrolled Alyssa for a contest and need to purchase that in order to get back all the photos on the spot.

This voucher entitles to an outdoor family photo shoot by Firefly Photography with 5 digitally enhanced photos in a DVD. However, you will need to top up $88 if you want to get 50 digitally enhanced photos and all the photos in a DVD. It will be a total of $108, which we bought after going through the 1 hour under the hot sun. Well, the standard package is normally at $98. It will be cheaper if you purchase it through Groupon.

The voucher expires on 31 October 2014. And we waited till the last weekend to have this photo shoot. There are a few places for outdoor photo shoot, including Hort Park and MacRitchie Reservoir Park.

We went yesterday and it was at Sengkang Riverside Park. I chose 11am slot and we initially wanted to hold Asher’s birthday on Saturday evening. Well, it’s a bad choice. The weather was terribly hot. It’s end October but it was very sunny and hot.

Both my children were perspiring. So were we. Luckily, we were wearing white tees but my children were wearing overalls. Our colour theme is white and blue denim with Adidas shoes.

Daddy A was putting the kids in place for photo shoot.

This is the first time we left Asher and Alyssa together.

It’s not easy for the photographer as young children do not cooperate well. It was hard to get Asher to smile or look into the camera. Alyssa also had moods at all times. When she is happy, she will smile and pose. When she’s not, she will cry and refuse to take any photos. And all these under the hot sun! I had to promise her an ice cream to make her smile for a photo.

Before we went to get the ice cream, the photographer helped us to take a family photo. It was so sunny that we could barely open our eyes.

Here are some of the photos that the children were having fun!

We bought Alyssa and ice cream and switched to the Cookie Monster tees. I bought the USS tees for Alyssa, Daddy A and myself. Luckily, I bought a Cookie Monster tee for Asher from Metro before. This is another theme that we thought of. Cookie Monster with jeans.

We didn’t bring much props. Only Mickey and Minnie soft toys, plus an Oskgosh bear and a yellow bee Trunki luggage.

We viewed all the 224 photos immediately. With the top up, we will get all the photos return with 50 digital enhanced photos in a DVD which will be mailed to us in about 4-6 weeks.

I guess it’s fun going through the process as I always wanted a family photo shoot. However, I don’t think I will go under the hot sun again. Daddy A and the children looked like lobsters after the photo shoot!

You can check out Firefly Photography for their packages. Their packages are quite affordable but I can only review after I receive the photos.


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