Review: Lacy Lucy Nursing Pads

I had 2 packets of Lacy Lucy Nursing Pads samples from a goody bag at the previous Dumex event: Parenting from the Heart.

One of them is black colour and the other is nude colour.

Lacy Lucy’s chic nursing pads provide an effective and comfortable protection against leakage.Its super absorbent polymer core helps to prevent sore nipples with a waterproof backing. The pads draws milk away and trap it into the core of the pad, keeping the skin and clothing dry. Creatively designed for functionality and style, with 3 colours in each box ( Black, White & Nude), Lacy Lucy has a touch of femininity with lace trimmings details along the edges. These slim, soft, bra-shaped pads are held on by two strips of anti-slip adhesive tapes, ensures a discreet perfect fit.

Lacy Lucy nursing pads is a product in the range of Baby by Spring merchandise. Available in a box of 30 and 60, the pads are individually packed to enforce hygiene.

-slim, soft, bra shaped
-super absorbent polymer traps leakage
-super breathable
-waterproof backing prevents leakage
-double anti-slip adhesive strips
-individually packed (hygienic)
-3 colours in each box; Black, White & Nude colour to match nursing bras
-colour fast
-Lace trimmings edges

I like the shape. It fits nicely into non nursing bra.
When compare to pigeon nursing pad

Overall: I like it. I can wear it with strapless bra.
Colour Variety: I like the black when it comes to wearing black bra.
Repurchase: Yes
Price: S$9.90 for 30 nursing pads and S$14.90 for 60 nursing pads.

Buy 60 nursing pads at S$14.90 here!
Lacy Lucy Nursing Pads 60 pads in a box
During a promotion.


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