Taipei Day 2

We woke up on our first morning in Taipei to a room with no window, and I’m absolutely not used to not having sun shine into the room.

My hubby collected the Mos Burger breakfast set to the room. Breakfast was included in the hotel price but there was no cafe in the hotel. The ham and egg is nice but having it together with peanut butter is a little weird.

The only itinerary for this trip is to visit Baby Boss where Alyssa can try out different professions.

The shop was opened from 10am-6pm today but we reached at 11am. We took a cab from our hotel and the cab fare was TWD205.

Alyssa tried many jobs. With each job completed, she gets $10 baby bucks.

1) Cleaner

2) Policeman

3) Astronaut

4) Fireman

5) Pilot

6) Archeologist

7) Emergency Paramedic

Just before we left, the baby bucks were exchanged for stickers at the departmental store.

After the baby boss day ended at about 6pm, we walked to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall metro station. We passed by Livewell supermarket and I’m surprised to see kids’ trolleys.

We took the metro back to Ximen station and had An Zong Rice noodles as our dinner.

We did a little shopping. I bought contact lens at prices way cheaper than Singapore and Hello Kitty jacket from Hangten for Alyssa.

We ended our day 2 as all of us were too tired. Our feet were painful from all the walking. We looked forward to the next day.

About Rei

A mother of 2 who loves travel, food, shopping, face mask and Sale!
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