Taipei Day 4-Maokong Gondola

After the visit to Hello Kitty Cafe, we decided to take the metro to Taipei Zoo Station, so we can take the cable car ride up to Maokong.

As we were walking in Zhongxiao Fuxing metro station, the colourful cartoon drawings on the walls attracted me.

Alyssa took a photo with the Taipei 101 but the photo was blurred due to shaky hands.

Miramar Ferris Wheel

We are going to Maokong!

It is about 20 mins ride to Taipei Zoo Station.

And we reached Taipei Zoo metro station.

We have to walk about 5-10 mins to the cable car ride station and Alyssa was so happy to see Hello Kitty!

The cable car ride costs TWD50 for a single trip. We bought a 2-way ticket at TWD120, which allows us to stop at another station and TWD20 can be refundable after the ride. The 2 way ticket also allows us to have discounts at certain shops but we do not know which are the shops.

There are 4 stops to Maokong and it is more than 4km away.

Maokong Station

Maokong, on top of a mountain

We walked around for a while and decided to go back to Taipei city as we have a dinner appointment. Since we bought the 2-way ticket, we decided to stop by Zhinan Temple station.

It’s getting dark at 5pm. So we decided to leave after spending about 15mins taking photos.

Sunset as we went down.

By the time we reached the bottom of the mountains, it was already dark.

We saw the Hello Kitty photo sticker booth. It cost TWD100.

And we went in to take a photo! This was the first time my hubby and I took a photo sticker. We never tried it during dating days.

Don’t miss the souvenir shop behind the station. Just take a minute to walk over as there are many Hello Kitty stuff.

We took the metro to Taipei City Hall station to meet my long time friend, Kingsley for dinner with his son.

We are going to 新天地 where the busy street is famous for wedding couples to take wedding photo.

We went to a Taiwanese Restaurant for dinner. It was a great gathering. I think I have not seen him for at least 6 years. Facebook is definitely good for connecting us.

The Taiwanese Restaurant. The meal costs about TWD2000 for 3 adults (plus a child). We had 6 dishes.

Before, we ended the day, my friend drove us up to Taipei Cultural University (if I don’t remember wrongly) for a night view of Taipei. We had many twists and turns up a hill and the weather was very cold up there. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people on top of the hill.

We dropped off at a metro station and took the metro back.

It had been a long day but Alyssa absolutely loves the Hello Kitty stuff that she saw at the cafe and Maokong.

I grabbed some contact lens and 幾米 face masks at Ximending Watsons before we went back to hotel. It was after 11pm but they were still open.

End of day 4. What a tired day!

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