Joy of a Parent-1

People often say that baby is a bundle of joy. Well, I think children are really God’s blessings.

Although there are times when I think my children are very naughty or times when I was very frustrated with their crying, screaming and so on, I must admit there are also times where they bring a smile to my face.

I decide to jot down the little things that they did that make me joyful. I hope I have the time and persistence to write a note (on 1 thing that they did that brings me joy) every day or at least every other day.

I am numbering my joys. Today will be the first.

Today, I’m going to share what Alyssa did that make my heart melts.

I knocked off at 8pm last Monday which is considered early as I still get to see my children when I got home. I had a stiff neck since last Friday and my neck and shoulders hurt.

I told Alyssa to massage my shoulders.

M: Alyssa, mummy is feeling painful over here. Can you help to massage?
A: Ok. Where? Here? (She started to pat on my shoulders.)
M: Alyssa, you need to use more strength. Can you try knocking? (I showed her how to do it and she followed.)
A: Mummy, ok already?
M: No. Can you use more energy?
A: Ok. (She knocked harder.)
A: Mummy, ok already?
M: No
A: Ok. (She continued.)
A: Mummy, ok already?
M: Can you also knock my right shoulder?
A: Ok. (She knocked on both shoulders.)
A: Mummy, still painful?
M: Yes (She continued knocking.)
A: Mummy, ok already? Still painful?
M: Ok. (After she has been asking and knocking for quite a while.)

I hugged her and kissed her. And she sheepishly kissed me too.

Well, at that time, I felt so blissful. It’s so good to have children.



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