Joy of a Parent-2

I have been very busy at work that I even work on Saturday. Hence, I have not been writing although I told myself I would.

Normally if I came home late due to work or shopping, I would buy Alyssa something. That’s because I thought of her when I was not with her.

I had been very busy these few weeks and had been working late. So I told Alyssa that mummy will be working late as mummy needs to work to earn money to buy things for her.

I remember not too long ago, I told her that she should not waste or spoil something as it costs money to buy it. And I said that mummy needs to work hard to earn money to buy it.

M: Do you want mummy to work late to earn money or don’t work late?
A: Work late
M: ???

My daughter is indeed practical like me.

I left office after 10pm yesterday. Alyssa was already asleep when I reached home. My hubby told me that Alyssa was having a conversation with him before she slept.

Wow! Having a conversation? And it seems to be. He told me Alyssa was telling him about her school and her classmates. She even told him that some classmates are attending half day school and some are attending full day school like her. I’m surprised at what she told my hubby. I guess show and tell in school helps a child to speak.

My hubby said Alyssa told him that mummy comes home late as mummy needs to work. So she knows…

Then she said,”Maybe mummy will buy something for me.” LOL

So she links:
Comes home late=Works late
Works late=Earns money
Earns money=Buys something

The first and the third are correct. I wish to tell my boss that I like to earn more money since I’m working late. I guess most likely efficiency will come into picture, instead of more money.

Children are fun, aren’t they?

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A mother of 2 who loves travel, food, shopping, face mask and Sale!
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