Li Chun立春 2015

Updated: 11pm 04/02/2015

Li Chun立春 is the actual start of a year in traditional astrology. The 1st day of the Solar calendar is Li Chun 立春, the “beginning of Spring”, which is on 4th of the Gregorian calendar 阳历.

It is often believed that your bank account will be full if you bank in money on this day. The auspicious hour that you should bank in money based on your horoscope.

I forgot to wear red this morning but I’m waiting in queue hopefully to bank in by 1259pm. There are so many people in queue but they are also not wearing red.

However, the ladies behind me were in red and had $10 in their hands.

Oh. It’s 1259pm now. I’m so anxious. I’m next in queue!!!

Sigh. The Aunty in front of me was having problem banking in. My 大吉 period is over. Now is only 吉.

Hopefully that my deposits in my bank account can increase many many folds!

I left office at almost 11pm and was surprised to see many people queuing to deposit money. I guess a lot of people will get rich this year.




All the 3 local banks deposit machines were packed with people even at 11pm!

I hope all of us get rich! Lol.

Read about my blogpost on Li Chun 2014.

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