Joy of a Parent-4

Today is first day of a Lunar New Year! Chinese believe that we have to wear new clothes and shoes for the Chinese New Year, especially on the first day.

I showered both my children in the morning and dressed them. I dressed Asher in a cow’s romper which I bought at Mothercare Annual Sale at only S$10. (Like me on my Facebook Page or Follow me on my Instagram for more lobangs aka sales and discounts!)

I was commenting on how cute Asher was in this romper. And this is what Alyssa said that made me laugh!

M: Asher is so cute!
A: No!
M: ??? (Shocked and I thought she was jealous.)
A: Asher is handsome!
M: (LOL)

Children are wonderful gifts from God to bring joy to our lives.


Ps: I bought Alyssa’s Hello Kitty dress from H&M at S$29.90. Her Hello Kitty shoes are from H&M at S$49.90. Asher’s shoes are from H&M at S$19.90. Pink shoes are available for girls. I wanted to buy a matching pink pair for Alyssa but I have bought too many shoes for her.

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