Review: Jergens Moisturising Collection

I am always happy to receive Sample Store products for review.

This time I had 3 bottles of moisturizers to try out. Besides facial masks, I am crazy over hand creams and moisturizers as I have very dry skin, especially on my legs.

I also have very sensitive skin. Because of this, my skin will be itchy due to the dryness.

I am always interested to try out different body lotions to find the ones that are good and suitable for me. 

I guess now I found 3 of them!

Jergens is the Number 1 Body Lotion brand in USA! It has recently launched its new and improved range of moisturizers that goes beyond basic hydration, giving the skin long lasting luminosity. This range has been reformulated with a breakthrough Hydralucence blend that provides hydrated, luminous skin that lasts all day.

I was so excited to try out the products and I’m going to test them on my leg. I guess this is the first time I’m going to “show off” the scaly skin on my calves which it had always been my concern since primary school.

Let me show you the scary photos.

Due to my sensitive skin, I had rashes and redness on my left calve. I’m going to try out Jergens Soothing Aloe which helps to soothe and hydrate the skin. It contains cumcumber extract and pure Aloe Vera that revives dry skin, allowed it to appear visibly refreshed.

It’s light green in Colour with a nice and fresh scent. Soft texture, creamy but non sticky. I like the refreshed smell.

The before and after photo:
I am surprised to see the immediate effect. Not only I felt my skin moistened, but the redness was also reduced. My skin doesn’t feel sticky. Instead, it felt smooth. And my skin looks luminous!

I shall try out the Jergens Daily Moisture on the most scaly part of my calf. It contains silk proteins and citrus extract which helps to improve texture for visibly smoother skin.

It is lightly scented but fresh smell. Soft texture and non sticky.

The before & after photo:

I noticed smoother, brighter and moisturized skin. 

Let’s try out the Jergens Ultra Healing which contains Vitamin C, E and B5 which repairs skin for visibly healthier skin.

Lightly scented, it immediately moistened my skin and my skin glows. I can’t believe the immediate effect.

The before & after photo:

I was utterly shocked. My skin was lightened, smoother and moistened. It definitely looked healthier.

Jergens moisturizing collection comes in 400ml bottle packs. 

Price: S$8.90 (So affordable)
Repurchase: Yes 

Where to buy: Leading supermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores


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