Review: Biotherm Pure Thermal Plankton And Aquakeep

I’m a Biotherm user, lover and fan. I love this French brand even when I was only a University student. And that was almost 2 decades ago. Ok, less than 20 years ago. I’m not that old.

I love Biotherm for the Aquasource. I used many types of its products. I used to craze over their Source Therapie, body care products and even their cosmetics due to the Aqua water component.

However, after I started using Laneign, I only used certain products of Biotherm, especially after they stopped selling the cosmetics and body lotion (at one point).

Last Christmas, I bought some of their products during the Metro 20% sale. I normally buy their products at the airport. I need a face moisturizer and Biotherm moisturizer is one of my favourites.

The Pure Thermal Plankton and Aquakeep is from the Biotherm Aquasource Skin Perfection range. It is a high definition moisturizing perfecting care product. And it’s known properties are an association of pure thermal plankton, a micro-organism with regenerating properties, and of 35 million of Aquakeep, skin perfecting micro-spheres. The claim results are non-stop hydration, refined skin texture and crystal clear radiance.

Actually, I don’t quite believe marketing stuff. Biotherm moisturizer is often non oily or greasy due to its water based, which I love.

This is a new product which I had not tried as I had not been attending their new launches and Christmas parties for many years.

To me, most important is the texture, smell and how it is being absorbed into my face.

It smelled of spring water. It’s non greasy and absorb well into my skin. I applied the cream straight onto my face after the toner. It’s not creamy and I felt as if there is a protective layer covering my face. My face felt smooth and non sticky.

Overall, I really love Biotherm face moisturizer but it’s really not cheap. I can’t recall the price but I will definitely buy it again.

Price: I can’t remember but I will update once I check
Repurchase: Yes
Where to buy: Biotherm boutiques & counters
Suitable for all skin types


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