Joy of a Parent-7

I was on leave on Friday and I got to put my children to bed. Daddy A was out for manjong session and I let Alyssa sleep together with me on our bed. 

Alyssa was tired but she was talking non-stop. Then suddenly she turned to me and said,”Mama, it’s your turn to talk.”

Well, I also don’t know what to say to her. Our conversation as below:

M: I love you. I love Asher. I love Papa. I love Popo. I love Gonggong. I love Jiujiu.
A: And Mercy (my helper)? And Nainai (my MIL)?
M: Yes.
A: And Popo? And Gonggong?
M: Yes. Mama already said.
A: Ok. Mama, it’s your turn to talk.
M: But Mama already talked. and it’s late, which we need to sleep.

And she fell asleep very soon.

Isn’t it fun to have a toddler? Children will give you many surprises.

About Rei

A mother of 2 who loves travel, food, shopping, face mask and Sale!
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