5 Reasons to Read

Do you remember the last book you read? If you don’t, perhaps it’s time to pick up a new book.

5 reasons to read

1) Higher IQ

Studies have shown that those who read have better grades and general knowledge than those who don’t, and they tend to have a higher IQ.

2) Less stress

Reading takes your mind off the stresses of daily life. Delve into the world of fiction and lose yourself.

3) Improved memory 

You train your mind when you read as reading is more neurobiologically demanding than processing images or speech.

4) Stronger analytical skills 

Have you ever found yourself solving the case when reading a crime novel? You need critical and analytical thinking skills to do that.

5) Better focus and concentration 

When you read a book, all of your attention is focused on the story. Try reading 15 to 20 minutes before you leave for school or work, and you could be surprised to find how much more focused you will be during the day.

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