Kah Motor Honda Service Centre

I had my first servicing of my new car today. My previous car was Nissan. I had not been to Nissan service centre for a long time but it’s my first time to Kah Motor Honda service centre in Ubi today.

I think the service quality standard has improved over the years to ensure that consumers are happy as after sales service is part of the package nowadays.

I was wowed by the facilities provided at the waiting lounge of Kah Motor service centre. It’s no longer a lounge with some chairs or sofa and a self service coffee machine. You can call me a mountain tortoise.

The waiting lounge was spacious with many chairs and coffee tables. There’s also free wifi available. You can surf as much as you want or you can sit down and do your work on your laptop during the 2 hours wait. If not, you can read the magazines or bring your own book to read.

There’s an Aunty that will look out for new customers sitting down in the lounge and approach them to ask if they want any coffee or tea. I’m not sure if there’s any other options of beverages as I opted for tea. She served my tea together with a tray filled with different types of biscuits for me to choose.


I was about to leave when I saw a corner called “Rejuvenate OSIM relaxation corner”. It has 2 Osim foot massage machines with an Osim massage chair. 

I can’t resist the temptation but to try out the foot massage.


Well, I’m glad I’m on leave today and had a relaxing foot massage. There’s a heater which I turned on for the foot massage. It helped to soothe my tired legs. I felt like using the massage chair too to soothe my aching shoulders. But I need to go home to spend some time with my son. If not, you can easily pass your 2 hours waiting time in the Honda service centre.

The things that you may consider bringing to the Kah Motor Honda Service Centre:

– A fully charged smartphone 
– A fully charged laptop
– An extra charger or fully charged powerbank 
– A book
– A pair of socks if you want to use the foot massage


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