Review: My Beauty Diary 2 Steps Black Rose Brightening Mask

I guess I have a shopping addiction and love buying masks at pharmacies. I spotted an one and only piece of MBD mask on the clearance counter of Guardian Pharmacy and decided to purchase it.
It’s at half price and costs only S$1. My beauty diary 2 step mask is normally more than $1. Hence, I decided to purchase and try it out.

The 2-Step Europe Clarifying Pack consists of a Black Rose Brightening Mask and a Rose Honey Refining Gel.

The purpose of the Black Rose Brightening mask is to purify and brighten skin. It is best for purifying and brightening to return a natural glow to sallow skin. 

Step 1: Black roses have petals that feel as smooth as swan feathers. The black rose essence is clear in colour and excellent for skin cleansing, moisturizing and relieving skin discoloration. Combined with mallow extract from the alps, it is also ideal for deep skin conditioning, leaving your skin feeling smoother and tighter.

Step 2: The Rose honey refining gel is extracted from roses native to the steep cliffs of France and is capable of enhancing relief from environmental stress induced damage. Combined with White Daisy essence from Europe, it offers deep cleansing and conditioning, making skin more healthy looking and supple.


I applied the mask for 20 minutes and massaged the remaining serum into the skin. Then I applied the gel to my face, locking in all repairing, revitalizing and brightening agents.

I felt more skin more moisturized and supple after placing the mask. I felt my skin being “lock in” when I applied the gel. It seems like a moisturizing mask. The next day, I saw my skin brightened compared to the previous night.

Where to buy: Major pharmacies
Price: S$2 per piece
Rating: 3 out of 5
Repurchase: Yes, if it is less than S$1 per piece

About Rei

A mother of 2 who loves travel, food, shopping, face mask and Sale!
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