POSB National School Savings Campaign 2015: Save with Smiley

Well, I know I’m a little late (or very late) to blog about this as it has been almost half a year gone. 

POSB brings back the iconic National School Savings Campaign which started on 02 February 2015. 

(Photo credit: POSB)

To participate in the campaign, students can collect stamp cards from participating school bookstores, POSB/DBS branches, or any SingPost outlet from February 2 onwards. They can purchase stamps (at SGD 0.50 each) from participating school bookstores or SingPost outlets. Once the cards are filled with 20 stamps, they can be deposited into any POSB/DBS Quick Cheque Deposit location, and SGD 10 will be subsequently credited into the student’s POSBkids account. To provide greater incentive for students to save, POSB will offer a bonus SGD 1 for every SGD 10 saved by each student per month via this campaign.

POSB Series 2 Stamps

I read about it few months ago and did not pay much attention to it as Alyssa does not have a POSB account and she is not attending primary school. However, I spotted the ePOSBkids promotion on the POSB website when I was logging on to my iBanking. 

(Photo credit: POSB)

I can’t help signing up for the tent, oops, I meant the ePOSBkids account for Alyssa. 

(Photo credit: POSB)

Nice tent. And it was really easy to open the account. I signed up the account online on 7 July and emailed a copy of her birth certificate to POSB on the day. Her account was opened on 9 July and linked to my internet banking! Moreover, a S$1 gift deposit was credited into her account by POSB.

I knew more about the POSB savings campaign when I was in Singpost buying stamps. 

POSB Series 3 Stamps

I find these so cute that I bought them to post out. When I went back the next day, another Singpost lady told me it was for the POSB savings card. Then she checked and told me that only Series 3 can be used for mail. This was how I found out. And the next day, the Singpost man gave me a Smiley savings card. I immediately gave Alyssa this card on the day the account was opened. She said she wants to save the money to buy a small bicycle for Asher and a big bicycle for herself.

She took her (OCBC) coin bank and I counted the coins for her. I gave her a sticker stamp for every 50 cents.

And she had fun pasting the smiley stickers. When she reached her 20th stamp, she was short of 40cents. Luckily, grandma gave her 40cents for her to complete her card. She completed her first POSB save with smiley card! POSB will mail back the card to us after they deposited the $10. Remember to write your address!

(Photo credit: POSB)

I had downloaded the Smiley Town App and scanned the 20 completed stamps. I’m going to let Alyssa build her smiley town.


(Photo credit: POSB)

And have fun!

Firstly, your child must have a POSBkids account. Open one online now!


  • Earn daily interest
  • No minimum deposit and fall-below fee until your child turns 21 years old.
  • Waiver of coin deposit fee till your child turns 16 years old.
  • Free automatic funds transfer from the parent’s account.
  • Monthly eStatements for you to track your transactions and account balance.
  • Attractive account opening gifts:
  1. A S$1 gift deposit
  2. Free 6-month POPULAR Bookstore membership card for your child where he/she enjoys 10% off at all POPULAR Bookstores (for children aged 7-15 years old at point of account opening)

So, what are you waiting for? Start Saving with Smiley Squirrel!


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