Review: Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel

You definitely need a sunblock to protect our skin in this Singapore weather. The problem is I can’t find one that is lightweight and non greasy until SampleStore sent me the Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel for review.

I am not only going to review the product, but I shall share on the importance of preparing ourselves for the sunny days in Singapore too!


Bioré enhanced UV series is your perfect shield against skin woes that could be easily prevented, like sun spots, wrinkles and freckles caused by damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel comes with SPF50+ and PA++++, which offers the highest level of UV protection recognized in the industry, is the latest additional to the Bioré’s enhanced UV range.

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays without proper protection can cause permanent effects such as premature skin ageing, wrinkles & freckles, as well as, various skin damages like discoloration, shallowness, dryness and may even lead to skin cancer. It’s so important to put a sunscreen!

Sunscreen products are rated based on 2 rating systems.
1) Skin Protection Factor (SPF)
2) PA

A sunscreen with SPF50 rating [SPF50 x 20mins = 1000mins of protection from UVB (equivalent of 16 hours of protection)] blocks up to 98% of UVB rays penetrating into skin. Anything higher will be heavier and greasier when applied to the skin.

PA is a Japanese rating system that shows how much protection you are receiving against UVA rays. More + means more protection! The current highest PA standard is 4 +!

Product Benefits

  • Superior double UV block with enhanced SPF50++/PA++++
  • Maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun
  • Retains its light and watery texture that allows smooth application without a sticky feel
  • Infused with hyaluronic acid & citrus extract to keep skin hydrated and fresh
  • Suitable for application on face and body

I squeeze the gel out and applied on my face. It’s lightweight and watery. Really watery!


It’s so smooth and watery that it flows down on my hand. I applied on my face without feeling any heaviness or greasiness, unlike many sunblocks that I have tried in the past. And I love this as it doesn’t make my face yellowish or whitish.

Before & After

No shiny, yellow or whitish face after application, unlike the previous sunblocks that I owned.
It brightens the skin for a glowing appearance and I can use it as a make up base.

To me, it’s important to get a lightweight and non greasy sunscreen. I feel that it will block the pores on my face if i use one that is heavy and greasy which many sunblocks are creamy and greasy.

Price: S$18.90 for a 90ml bottle
Repurchase: Yes
Where to buy: All leading pharmacies, hyper and supermarkets, departmental stores, beauty stores and selected minimarts

The full range of Bioré UV Series enhanced with the SPF50+/PA++++ are:

  • Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence 
  • Bioré UV Aqua Rich Whitening Cream (suitable as make up base)
  • Bioré UV Perfect Face Milk (suitable as make up base)
  • Bioré UV Perfect Milk (perspiration resistant, for face and body)
  • Bioré UV Bright Face Milk (suitable as make up base)

By the way, there’s promotion currently ongoing for Bioré products at Fairprice. You can check it out.


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