Review: Sister Diary Apple Polyphenol Platinum Mask

This is a very nice smelling mask! I am referring to the Sister Diary Apple Polyphenol Platinum Mask.

I managed to grab a box of 10s at S$5 at Guardian Health & Beauty Pharmacy, which is only 50cents a piece!


Box is a little crumpled but contents are good!

It’s not an attractive packaging but it’s simple. What got my attention is the promotion price which prompts me to buy it.

Spatlauber Apple (Europe rare species) effectively tightens pores, regenerates skin, hydrates skin and locks in skin moisture. 

Platinum helps to renew dead cells and effectively controls skin oil secretion. It enhances skin tightening and hydration effect, which improves skin clarity and promotes youthful skin. Natural hydrating factors help skin to absorb nutrients and prevent skin dryness.


This mask is for hydration and brightening plus pore minimizing.


It’s a simple packaging. Mask was soaked in essence and was dripping when I took it out. I put the mask for 12 mins as recommended timing is 10-15mins.

  My skin was instantly moistened after removal of the cool mask. I really love the fresh sweet Apple smell.  Hydrating effect is good. Pore minimizing needs time to see the effect.
Go and buy this sweet smelling mask!

Where to buy: Guardian
Price: Unsure for a box of 10 (Bought at S$5 per box)
Rating: 3 out of 5
Repurchase: Yes
Country of origin: Taiwan


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