Review: My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask

I bought a box of My Beauty Diary Aloe Masks and had it hidden in my drawer for quite a while. I managed to dig out not too long ago after I bought a few Daiso Maiso trays to put my face masks. I noted that there are expiring in March 2016 but I used up half of them during my recent trip to Australia.

By looking at the soothing green packaging of My Beauty Diary Aloe mask, I already felt very soothing.


My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask is supposed to be optimal moisturizing, comforting and soothing.

Natural purified Mucoploysaccharides in Aloe vera accompanied by the patented long-lasting moisturizing ingredient, CosphingoTM , maintains healthy skin by restoring moisture and elasticity to skin. Kiwi fruit, Lemon and Gingko extracts soften and enhance skin healing, rejuvenating to render skin perfectly refined for a youthful look.

The refined and soothing essence in Mulberry tree bark and Bearberry leaf extracts work dually to soothe the discomfort of surface dryness and maintains clear skin, purified of excess sebum. Along with fiber-rich vital factors such as hydrolyzed yeast protein and Grapefruit extracts that help deeply moisturize and repair, they restore the skin resulting in supple, refined and radiant skin.

The patented, naturally extracted long-lasting moisturizing ingredient CosphingoTM maintains healthy skin by sealing in water for improved hydration. Dry skin is moisturized so that the skin feels soft and supple like a baby’s skin. The enhanced hydration meets the ultimate needs of the skin inside and out.


The mask was heavily soaked with essence when I removed it from the packaging. I placed the mask for 20 mins but the recommended time is 20-30 mins. It was cool and soothing. Any longer, I may just fall asleep.

My skin was moistened and soothed. I also like the light scent of the mask. This is good for tired skin.

Price: 16.90 for a box of 10s
Where to buy: Guardian, Watsons & Sasa
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Repurchase: Yes
Country of origin: Taiwan
Recommended skin types: Normal skin types. Especially recommended for dry skin and to soothe and repair skin.


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