Tips for dealing with picky eaters

Is your child a picky eater?
Below is a list of picky eating behaviors to look out for:

  • Refuses food – especially vegetables and meats
  • Pushes, hides or throws food during mealtime
  • Resists trying new foods
  • Eats exceptionally slow
  • Eats sweets and fatty foods instead of health foods
  • Has bouts of eating only one thing all day
  • Snacks instead of eating a meal
  • Often throws tantrums at mealtimes

Tips for dealing with picky eaters

  • Avoid distractions during mealtimes
  • Maintain a neutral attitude during mealtimes
  1. Do not get overly excited or animated
  2. Never become or even appear angry
  • Feed to encourage appetite
  1. Allow 3-4 hour interval and provide only water between meals/ snacks 
  2. Limit meal duration to 20-30 minutes
  • Encourage independent feeding 
  1. Your child should have his/her own cutlery and be encouraged to feed himself/ herself 
  • Introduce novel food
  1. Expose your child to new food one at a time
  2. Try the new food for up to 15 times before assuming it will not be taken 
  • Tolerate age-appropriate messiness during mealtimes 
  • Talk to a healthcare professional 
  1. If picky eating persists, ask your doctor for advice and check if there are any underlying problems.

For more tips and resources, log on to Picky Eating to get tips on teaching your child healthy eating habits. 

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