BreadTalk Christmas Log Cake

Well, I’m not here to review on the BreadTalk Christmas Log Cake… But to share on how you can recycle or reuse their Christmas Log Cake Box!

It’s a yearly affair for us to buy a Christmas cake from BreadTalk for my hubby’s friends gathering in December. And I noticed that the box is getting fancier each year. However, it went into the rubbish bin after the gathering when we finished the cake. What a waste as I am pro-recycling! 

This year, we went to BreadTalk again.

Photo credit: BreadTalk

The prices of log cakes are not cheap. There are 3 flavours.

Photo Credit: BreadTalk

We bought the Hazelnut last year. 

Photo Credit: BreadTalk

We were thinking if we should try the Chocolate one.

Photo Credit: BreadTalk


But we decided to try something different.

Luckily, we have UOB credit card.

We paid $43.80 for the log cake after 20% discount. What I love the most is the box.


Photo Credit: BreadTalk

I noticed a phone standee when the staff was putting the cake in the box.

See the snowman!

It’s a very nice box. So cute that I don’t bear to throw it away!

I love the reindeer handles too!

And these are the materials for the standee from the side of the box.

The instructions to build the standee!

I built it in less than 1 minute!

Cute snowman phone standee!

I tried it out with an iPhone 6s. Cool!

Well, the box can be reuse as a toy house with the empty side as the door.

Great! I love this idea. The beautiful box does not go to waste and we can reuse it!

Of cos, we finished the cake and it’s nice and tasty!


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