Li Chun 立春 2016

Last updated: 04/02/2016 658pm

Li Chun立春 is the actual start of a year in traditional astrology. The 1st day of the Solar calendar is Li Chun 立春, the “beginning of Spring”, which is on 4th of the Gregorian calendar 阳历. Hence, 2016 Monkey Year starts at 1756hrs on 4 Feb 2016 and not the 1st Lunar New Year Day, 8 Feb 2016.

It is believed that your bank account will be full if you bank in money on this day. You should also wear red on this day.

This is this image circulating around. It is the auspicious hour that you should bank in money.


I plan to wear a red dress on today. However, the earliest time I can knock off is 630pm. There will be a long queue at the cash deposit machines.

I left office at about 630pm just to go in to bank money in the cash deposit machine and planned to go back office after this. As expected, the queue was long.

This was the queue at Toa Payoh Interchange for UOB cash deposit machine. There were 9 people in front of me. I was not sure if I can bank in by 659pm.

Lucky for me! I managed to bank in during my timing.  

There was also a long queue for Maybank cash deposit machine at around 7pm, which was abnormal.


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